Environmental Impact Report  (EIR)

The Kern Fan Groundwater Storage Project completed a rigorous environmental review process in 2020.

Response to comments received on the Draft EIR identify that the Groundwater Banking Joint Powers Authority is committed to working with Department of Water Resources and State Water Project contractors (Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Dudley Ridge Water District, Kern County Water Agency, etc.) to ensure that the proposed project development and operation is consistent with State Water Project contracts. The project would operate consistent with the understanding reached in the Principles for Turnout Construction Related Agreements, agreed to by the Kern County Water Agency, the Groundwater Banking Joint Powers Authority, and the California Department of Water Resources.

Response to comments on the Draft EIR make it clear that the Kern Fan Project does not include any transfer of local water supplies to Irvine Ranch nor does it propose any out-of-county water sales or transfers at all.